At Herban Cowboy we are working to make positive changes:

We endeavor to limit the energy used to ship our products by making all of our products in US facilities (and we love to keep jobs in the US).  We try to source packaging from the US, when available, that can be recycled where recycling facilities exist so the containers don’t add to the waste stream.

We strive not to use animal ingredients or animal by products.  

PETA has certified our products are cruelty free because we do not test our products on animals.

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We aspire to be a little more sustainable: Back in 2007 we tested a lot of formulations in order to switch our stick deodorant from propylene glycol base to a propanediol base.  We did this because propanediol is made here in the US (closer to our manufacturing facilities so less energy is used to transport it).  Unlike propylene glycol, which is derived from a non-renewable resource (not sustainable), propanediol is more sustainable because it is plant derived.

Although we are not perfect, and never claim to be, we want to make small changes in the right direction.